Coastal Cup Report on Snafu and Chim Chim Status

Encinal Yacht Club's Commodore Doug Perry's report on the communications with Snafu and Chim Chim during the Coastal Cup:

"At 19:26 on Monday the Race Committee received a phone call from Chim Chim that they were about 35nm from Morro Bay with a broken rudder and were dropping out of the race. We were able to connect them with the Coast Guard and after talking with them the crew decided to continue on to Santa Barbara. At about 0830 on Tuesday they texted that they were making fine, but slow, progress. Their tracker showed them off of Point Conception and about 40 NM from Santa Barbara.

About two hours later on Monday we received a phone call from USCG that Snafu had dismasted in the same general area, 27 NM west of Morro Bay. According to their trackers Azure and Junkyard Dog diverted at about 22:00 to assist Snafu and stayed with them until the Coast Guard arrived at about midnight. 

At 0630 on Tuesday a helicopter was dispatched to airlift the crew off the damaged boat. They were taken to San Luis Obispo and are reported to be in good shape at 09:50. The boat was left to drift but still has its tracker functioning. We wish them well and hope they're able to arrange to retrieve the boat."